LEFT TO RIGHT: Simon Usher (Drums, Percussion, Piano, Backing Vocals), Brian Socha (Bass Guitar), Gerry Sheridan (Vocals, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar), Martin Yves (Guitar & Backing Vocals)

During the summer of 2012 Gerry Sheridan and Simon Usher started writing music together. Both had already gained a lot of experience in the music business and having already been close to success before this seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to continue on that journey.

In January 2016 Traveller was formed bringing together the additional talents of Martin Yves on Guitar and Brian Socha on Bass who had also achieved individual successes with other bands before.

In April this year the band recorded their debut EP in less than four days at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh called “All this time” which was released in October. The EP gained immediate and positive reviews from Essentially Pop and Flavour Mag as well as a wider interest from a fast growing fan base.

In the spring of 2017 they will be recording their debut album and they are scheduling in a series of live performances throughout the country. Traveller are best described as being a rock band with a beautiful anthemic wall of sound reaching out with their life stories to take you on an intense musical journey.

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